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Online bonuses and promotions are offered by casinos in Malaysia as an incentive for people to sign up and begin depositing with the casino. While a genuine advantage, online bonuses come are offered in a variety of ways, and understanding how they work and are structured is imperative if you are to have a positive gambling experience. It is also important to only register with the best casino sites as they often have the best casino promotions and operate in a responsible way, and of course, it is equally important to understand why they are offered in detail and the types of bonuses and available, which we discuss below.

Table Of Content:

  1. Why are Bonuses and Promotions Offered by Malaysian Online Casinos
  2. Why Claiming a Bonus or Promotion is Smart
  3. Different Types of Casino Bonus and Promotions
  4. Welcome Bonus
  5. Match Bonus
  6. High Roller Bonus
  7. Reload Bonus
  8. Slot Bonuses
  9. No Deposit Bonus
  10. Free Play Bonuses
  11. Cashback Bonuses

Why are Bonuses and Promotions Offered by Malaysian Online Casinos

Online casinos in Malaysia know that there are many who will be uncertain if playing at an online casino is safe or legitimate. To prove the casino is legitimate, it provides a welcome bonus to show that the games are fair and provide a genuine casino experience. It is also important to realize that, as a casino that caters to Malaysians, it is regulated as a result of its licensing agreements with regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gambling Commission or UK Gaming promotions They also recognize that most other casinos will offer one form of bonus or another as an incentive and therefore they are compelled to do the same in order to remain competitive and attract new depositing players. This is a basic element to operating an online casino in Malaysia and those that fail to offer any online casino bonuses quickly disappear and fail to generate business. The same applies after welcome bonuses have been exhausted as most online casino promotions thereafter will be presented to existing players as a way to reward and incentivize them into depositing strictly with that particular casino. The purpose of an existing player bonus is to encourage its members to play more frequently and to do that, most Malaysian online casinos will feature a loyalty program. Many of those same casinos will supplement its loyalty program with a VIP program to reward its most loyal players.

Why Claiming a Bonus or Promotion is Smart

If you are a casino player, you understand the value of having a larger bankroll when playing the games you love most, so it is a no brainer that claiming a bonus is a smart thing to do. This is due to the fact that most welcome bonuses will double, and in some cases, triple or quadruple your first deposit. Depending on the online casinos bonuses and promotions, this can translate into some serious bonus money that can return generous winnings as a result. Several Malaysian online casinos known for their generous bonuses and existing player promotions is w88 casino and Empire777 casino. Each has a history of offering the best casino bonuses for their online and mobile casino to players as a sign of respect and appreciation, and as we explain below, both feature a range of different online casino promotions that are unique with their own set of advantages.

Different Types of Casino Bonus and Promotions

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are only offered to first time players at a casino. Generally, these take the shape of a deposit match bonus whereby the casino will match the amount deposited by a certain percent, usually 100% or more. This style of bonus may also apply to the first 2-5 deposits with a casino and include specific wagering terms that govern how many times the bonus and deposit has to be staked within the casino and can also dictate which type of games are permitted to be played.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is the simplest bonus you will come across and will match any amount deposited with a bonus amount that ranges from 25% to 200% or more. All bonuses of this nature will outline the minimum deposit needed to claim and the maximum amount the bonus can be, often doubling your deposit. An example would be – Deposit 5000MYR, get a 50% bonus up to 25,000 MYR.

High Roller Bonus

High roller bonuses are only offered to elite players of the casino who meet specific deposit levels, and in most cases, casino bonuses and promotions of this nature are seldom publicly offered and are instead provided to each player that fits this definition. The range of bonuses or size of bonuses is based on the individual player and therefore, one that is hard to define.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is identical to a match bonus and will provide a bonus that is used as a reload bonus in so far as it will allow members to make multiple deposits using the same bonus code, which is often part of a bonus of this king. These can range in size in the same fashion as a match bonus or welcome bonus and will be structured in the same manner relating to its terms and conditions.

Slot Bonuses

Slot bonuses are offered specifically for playing slots and are less common. While valuable in many respects, this style of bonus limits the type of games you can play and often come with higher wagering terms.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses remain a popular bonus amongst new casino players, but often have little to no real value and should only be used as an introduction to a new casino. Bear in mind, at times, accepting a no deposit bonus can eliminate eligibility to claiming a welcome bonus should you decide to deposit at a later date.

Free Play Bonuses

Free play bonuses became popular as a way to entice players with a generous bonus, which at face value appeared generous but upon dissection of its terms and conditions, often had little to no value and have since become a rare commodity. They generally will offer a large bonus that is playable on specific casino games where winnings are only redeemable if a deposit is made and in most cases, a maximum withdrawal will apply.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are awarded on losses only and will generally range from 10% to $20%. While not as valuable as a match bonus or reload bonus, it does allow players to recoup some of their lost deposits from the previous week or specific day.