Online Roulette

One of the best elements with online gambling is simplicity, which is extended to various online casino games such as roulette. There are variations available that don’t require any downloads and allow for you to quickly register with the casino and claim any online casino bonuses and promotions being offered. These opportunities allow newcomers to educate themselves on all factors regarding online casino roulette, ensuring that their first experience will be enjoyable. Below we’ve listed the Rules and Wagering options available with all renditions of online roulette. However, we recommend our readers engage with free play modes before playing for real money.

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The Rules of Roulette


The associated rules for casino roulette aren’t challenging to understand for the novice or experienced players. There’s never been a better period to learn the game, with a substantial portion of the world’s population committing to self-isolation measures or social distancing tactics. Almost all of the best online casinos with notable reputations supports online roulette from developers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play or Microgaming. All titles enforce that the dealer has ultimate control, with these individuals occasionally referred to the croupier. This individual ensures that rounds of roulette keep moving forward by announcing the various bets and outcomes. Dealers prompt players when it’s time to wager, with a virtual wheel then being spun multiple times. Those engaging with the best casino roulette games want to land on the correct number with this wheel. It’ll prompt large payouts to be won. However, terms & conditions define how these online roulette titles can be played. We recommend our readers review these conditional factors to determine that the selected title suits their gaming needs.

Suitable Wagers

Several ways are provided to players when wanting to wager with online roulette. The influence each wager provides over the outcome of each spin is none. The success or failure rates of each respective player depend on their conditional luck. Strategies for online roulette are falsified, with skillsets not required to play this title, unlike video poker or blackjack. There are two manners in which players can gain advantages while playing roulette. Bettors can select the “Inside Bet” or “Outside Bet” to alternate their bets. Selecting the inside bet means players engage within the confines of the roulette grid. This part of the virtual table provides Even & Odds, with upwards of six numbers allowed to be selected. Outside Bets is the opposite of this wager, with players betting outside the roulette grid. Blanket bets are available outside the grid, which allows for larger spacers to be filled. This can include selecting All Reds or All Blacks. Extended outside bets involve wagering on All Evens or All Odds. The chances of winning are drastically increased through this method, with payouts often being more minimal.

The Variations of Online Rouletteonline roulette

There are multiple versions of online roulette supported by casinos. These variations of online roulette that are available with those that are seen with an online casino Malaysia feature various mobile betting products along with those seen online. Below we’ve provided a list of the most influential versions, with some being also available with Brick & Mortar locations.

• European Roulette

European Roulette is one of the original iterations of this game. It supports single zero for players, meaning that odds are typically increased. It’s the most consumed and active version of online
roulette available in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.

• French Roulette

French Roulette shares more similarities to the European translation of this title. There’s a singular zero supported on the roulette grid, with two subsequent rules that define French Roulette. This
includes La Partage and the Knock-On Effect. Players will lose half their wager by landing on zero under the conditional factors of La Partage. That’s why French roulette has minimal exposure in online spaces.

• American Roulette

There are two alterations of American Roulette, with one supporting a singular zero that is seen in European and French Roulette. There’s another less accessible version, as it supports double zeroes and makes the odds lesser than that of European Roulette. The house edge has the overwhelming percentage to win, with this version of roulette first being seen in notable cities like Las Vegas and Reno.

• Mini Roulette

This is a more simplified version of an already easy-to-play casino game. Numbers are limited to zero and twelve with the Mini Roulette Wheel. The result is faster gameplay with increased opportunities to receive payouts. It supports a single zero and often requires significant wagers to compete.

• Multi-Ball Roulette

Multi-Ball Roulette is similar to the Mini-Variation, where players have increased opportunities to receive substantial payouts. Ten balls are played throughout the Roulette Wheel, with players having the capability to select which balls they want for betting purposes. This means punters select which numbers and which balls affect their payout outcomes. Potential strategies can be employed with Multi-Ball Roulette.

• Multi Wheel Roulette

The direct comparison for Multi-Ball Roulette is “Multi Wheel Roulette”. It follows the guidelines of European Roulette and maintains a single zero with the grid. Specialized features with this variation include the option to transfer winning funds over into the next round of bankrolls. Eight wheels are supported with this variation, allowing for each respective player to bet simultaneously. It can illuminate an entire roulette community and see increased profits for these punters.

• Live Dealer Roulette

The final variation of online roulette is listed in the live dealer category. Players are given realistic versions of roulette, which are supported through multiple cameras. Real-time dealers stream these games via specialized connections and enable players a brick & mortar experience from home.