No Deposit Bonus

no deposit bonus

There are multiple ways that online casino games can be played without having to make a deposit. One of the more common is through the use of a no deposit bonus which are used by many online Malaysian casinos as a tool to get new players to sign up and hopefully after using the no deposit bonus, begin to deposit their own money in the casino. This is a real advantage is not only will you gain immediate access to a wide assortment of games as a result of the no deposit bonus, but also have the opportunity to claim a new player sign up bonus. This will, if playing with casinos such as W88 or M88, double the amount you deposited. The most important part of this is ensuring that you only accept no deposit bonuses from the best online casinos, and that is where things can get a little tricky and why using a casino guide such as (NAME OF SITE) is advantageous. To help in this, we do extensive research investigating the casinos we promote. We use our existing relationships with the best sites with no deposit bonus offers to ensure that each casino is reputable, respected and above all else, offers terms that are fair and non-predatory. This is a key aspect to bonuses that many players in Malaysia at times forget to verify. The important thing to remember is that most casinos try to make a name for themselves and a no deposit bonus is one that allows them to grab a Malaysian player’s attention quickly. They know most will enjoy the opportunity for a free bonus to play casino games, and they want to capitalize on that opportunity.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?


A no deposit bonus is one of several casino promotions that will give new players to a casino a set amount of money for free to try their luck in the casino. This is by no means something new within the casino industry, and Malaysian players have seen many such offers. However, it is imperative to understand that while a no deposit bonus awards you free money to play, there are conditions attached to this type of offer. These include such areas as the type of game that can be played with the bonus, how many times the bonus amount has to be wagered if it is a cashable no deposit bonus and if it is strictly for entertainment purposes only. All no deposit bonus offers will identify the rules governing the bonus within its terms and conditions. Therefore it is important when accepting a bonus to educate yourself by reading the terms in full.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

The steps taken to claiming a no deposit bonus are rather simple and require that those interested in taking advantage of the bonus register as a new player with the casino. This is an easy process that usually requires a few simple steps, such as those requested by M88 and W88 casinos. Once completed, the next step to claiming a no deposit bonus can be carried out in several ways. Some casinos will automatically credit new players with a bonus as soon as their account has been created. However, other casinos will require that a no deposit bonus code be entered at the time of registration in order to be eligible. If this is the case, a section within the registration form will be assigned to enter any promo code, and once entered and submitted, the no deposit bonus will instantly be applied to newly created accounts.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a No Deposit Bonus

There are multiple advantages to a no deposit bonus, especially if new to playing casino games online. The primary advantage is easy to understand as free money is after all free money. In receiving it, it can translate into a withdrawal that can then be used to claim a welcome bonus that essentially will double or even triple your deposit while using one of the casinos online casino payment methods. Another is the ability to gauge a Malaysian online casino and determine through the use of a no deposit bonus if it is the right casino for you as a player. It gives you time to try its various games, win some money and do so without any associated risks. On the flip side, no deposit bonuses general limit the type of games that is permissible to be played and therefore limits your ability to effectively gauge the value a casino delivers. This is due to most casinos hoping to attract slot players as they generate a high rate of profit for a casino due to the adherent nature of slots in general.