As a credit card company, Visa offers multiple financial services to millions of cardholders across the world from America, Canada, Europe to Malaysia, Asia and all those in-between. The purpose of Visa is to facilitate the transferring on funds to merchants who accept the Visa card as a form of electronic payment. Visa Cards operate in the same manner as any other and were one of the first in the world to offer this form of service, second only to American Express and Mastercard. Issued directly via your financial institution, cardholders are free to use their cards to make purchased online with merchants worldwide. This can include traditional merchants selling household goods, clothing items, or with online casinos such as W88 or 188Bet that accept Visa as one of its online casino payment methods.

How to Register a Visa Account


Applying for a Visa credit card is a simple process that will require you applying online or directly through your local bank. The application for a Visa will ask personal information such as where you live, your age, your name and your income. It may also ask whether the application is for an individual or joint with a spouse. Upon applying, a credit check will be carried out to determine if you qualify for a Visa, and if the results are within the guidelines set by Visa, your application will be approved, and a card will be issued. Once approved, Visa or your local bank will determine your available credit limit and if consistent with payments, that amount over time will be increased.

Depositing via Visa

Depositing with an online casino Malaysia site using a Visa Card is simple and only requires that depositing members of the casino enter their card details including the three-digit security number located on the back of their Visa card and the amount they wish to deposit. Once submitted and approved, the funds will immediately reflect in their casino balance. If the claimed any of the online casino bonuses available, they too will reflect in their casino balance. This will immediately allow them access to the wide variety of online casino games most casinos in Malaysia, including their mobile casino feature. There are additional variations of the Visa card however that can be used to facilitate the processing of deposits. There were released in response to many financial institutions refusing to continue processing casino deposits due to an increase amount of fraud resultant on lost or stolen cards. This include Visa Debit and Visa Electron.

Visa Debit
A Visa debit card is one that operates as a prepaid card whereby only funds that are available in your bank account can be used, or an amount equal to any overdraft that is associated to the bank account in question. The advantage to this type of card is it allows for the purchasing on items online or the ability to deposit in online casino using Visa without needing an actual credit card in the traditional sense of the word. Using the card requires the entering of the card number, the 3-digit security code at the back of the card and the expiration date. Once approved, the funds are immediately made available for use within the casino.

Visa Electron
Visa Electron is similar in nature to a debit card, but it can only be attached to bank accounts that do not carry any overdraft allowances. This is ideal for those who wish to deposit with online Malaysian casinos but not worry about exceeding their allotted spending limits for entertainment purposes such as gambling online. They operate in the same fashion as depositing with a traditional card and require the card number, security code and expiration date.

Online Casinos in Malaysia Accepting Visa

All of the best online casinos in Malaysia accept Visa as a payment method, and many also will accept Visa Debit and Visa Electron. This includes the likes of 188bet, W88 and M88, all of which are top-rated online casinos that accept Malaysian players as well as others within Asia and abroad. The purpose for accepting Visa is simply to provide as many options to funding a casino as possible, and in doing so, many will include special deposit promotions as a show of appreciation.

Is Visa the Right Choice for Malaysians?

Whether Visa is the right choice for someone residing in Malaysia is a personal choice. For many, it will not be a viable option while for others it will, but ultimately it will come down to a number of considerations. These can include privacy issues of not wishing their activities being known by a spouse or loved one or it could simply be thy prefer using another method such as a pre-paid card or an e-wallet.