Online Poker

Online poker has been gaining traction since the early 200’s when it became a reality alongside the more traditional forms of online gambling such as those that are found within online casinos. As software advances began to take effect, it allowed for the development of online poker software, and as they say, the rest is history. The popularity of online poker grew to record highs with the broadcasting of world poker tour main events where millions in prize pools were up for grabs. This was only intensified when Chris Moneymaker, an amateur poker player, won the coveted main event and took home millions for his efforts. Today, the world of online poker has a familiar range of poker games but also many unique variants that have been added as demand for the product increased. As online Malaysian poker rooms sought to offer a product that was unique, they also looked for one that helped to separate them from their competition. The exciting side to this is it opens up an entire range of opportunities for poker players, whether novice, intermediate or highly skilled. This includes cash games, sit’n’go’s, torments, speed poker, all with differing buy in’s or table limits to suit the skill level of each individual player.

online poker

Online Poker Promotions and Bonuses


The best sites with online poker all offer generous bonuses to attract new players, and of course, to retain existing players. This is beneficial to all who play any online casino in Malaysia poker games, and that ensures that when registering with the likes of Empire777 or 188bet, that they have access to the best bonuses. Online poker promotions come in various formats and will include welcome bonuses, which are generally the most generous to reload bonuses, and VIP or loyalty bonuses. As a result of the differing type of bonuses, it is important to understand how each bonus works and whether these offer value and whether they are worth the investment in time.

Welcome Bonus

The most popular online poker sites such as M88 and W88 all offer welcome bonuses to new players. A welcome bonus is meant to attract new players to register with the poker site and in doing so, reward them with a sizeable bonus that often is 100% or more and released in pre-determined intervals based on their participation while playing cash games or buying into tournaments.

Reload Bonus

reload bonus works in the same manner as a match bonus or even a welcome bonus in so far as it will apply a bonus based on a certain percentage up to a maximum amount when a poker player
deposits a minimum amount. Generally, a reload bonus will be less than a welcome bonus and will range from 25-50% in size. The releasing of the bonus will be in the same manner as a welcome bonus with those being based on the amount contributes to the rake or via tournament buy in’s.

VIP Bonus

VIP bonuses are exclusively offered only to those players who play frequently and deposit sizeable amounts. They are often based on an individual player’s loyalty level and will encompass cash bonuses, deposit bonuses and various other perks based on their preference for online poker and or, playing online casino games.

Popular Online Poker Variants

The most popular variant, Texas Hold’em is offered in all online poker rooms and will generally be the one with the largest number of tables and players engaging in various forms of the game whether playing cash tables or tournament. Texas Hold’em is a simply game in the basic for to learn and with the large number of books and teaching tools offered online, mastering the games finer aspects is easily attainable.

Omaha Hi
Omaha Hi is the second most popular variant of poker that is played online. This style of poker forms a winning hand through the use of two if four hole cards and up to five community cards. The “Hi” aspect related to the highest hand taking the pot at the conclusion of the hands. Slightly harder to mater due to the increased number of cards, it plays in the same manner as Texas Hold’em it does feature an increased ability to form a strong winning hand.

Omaha Hi-Lo
Omaha Hi-Lo, a third popular variant is similar in nature to Omaha Hi, with its main difference being the pot is divided between the lowest and highest ranked hand. It is played identical to Omaha Hi and uses the same combination of four hole cards and 3 to 5 community cards.

7-Card Stud
7-Card Stud, while still popular is less so than the others mentioned. It uses a combination of hole and community cards to form winning hands with some cards being dealt face down, while others dealt face down. Therefore different strategies are used to factor in the visible information available and the not visible.

Legal Online Poker Sites

Playing with a legal online poker site in Malaysia is critically important as they provide a high level of security with operating under the judicial authority of its licensing body. It ensures that the poker rooms have been verified, vetted and has the proper financial backing to meet its withdrawal commitments. Each of the poker sites that are promoted on this site such as 188bet and Empire777 have met that criteria and are monitored continuously to ensure they operate to the highest standards set out by the industry, and that means playing in a safe, controlled and secure environment.